Mycotaxon (2001) 80, 339-353

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Kálmán Vánky and Roger G. Shivas (2001)
Smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) of Sorghum (Graminae) with special regard to Australasia
Mycotaxon 80, 339-353
Abstract: The smut fungi of Sorghum are revised. Of the 21 names 10 are recognised as valid species. Of these, four are present in Australasia including two endemic species. Two additional, new species from Australia are proposed: Sporisorium australasiaticum and S. ryleyi. Sporisorium wynaadense (comb. nov.) is new to Australasia. Two further new combinations are proposed: Sporisorium transvaalense (from South Africa) and Macalpinomyces ewartii. Sorosporium simii is a synonym of Sporisorium reliianum. A key to the smut fungi of Sorghum is given.
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Sporisorium sorghi
Sporisorium reilianum
Sporisorium australasiaticum
Sporisorium ryleyi
Sporisorium transvaalense South Africa
Sporisorium wynaadense
Macalpinomyces ewartii