Maiestas dorsalis

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zigzag leafhopper, Maiestas dorsalis (= Recilia dorsalis) - I to IV body, V+VI male aedeagus, VII to X male style, subgenital plate, pygofer, valve
Authors: N. Ramya, N. Srinivasa and Naresh M. Meshram
Source: Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies (2017), 5(5), p. 1633
zigzag leafhopper, Maiestas dorsalis (= Recilia dorsalis)
Source: IRRI Photos - Flickr

Maiestas dorsalis (Motschulsky, 1859) - (zigzag leafhopper)

This leafhopper is a rice pest, found in southern Asia from India to southern China. It is an important vector of rice diseases, including the rice tungro disease, the Rice dwarf virus or phytoplasma diseases.

The hoppers have characteristic brown zigzag markings on the forewings. Maiestas dorsalis has been known until 2009 under the synonym name Recilia dorsalis which is still often used. However, see the revision of the genus Recilia by Webb & Viraktamath (2009).

Deltocephalus dorsalis
Inazuma dorsalis
Recilia dorsalis