Magicicada cassini

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Magicicada cassini (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): K. Fontaine, J. Cooley and C. Simon
Source: [XXX]

Magicicada cassini (Fisher, 1851) - (13-year periodical cicada)

This species of cicada is found in some parts of North America. Like in other species of Magicicada, the larvae feed and develop on the roots of trees. The development takes place over a period of 13 years and ends with a mass-emergence of the last instar nymphs from the ground and subsequent moulting to adults.

The year of the mass-appearance of the adults can be precisely predicted. It causes measurable damage to trees (Koenig & Liebhold, 2003), mainly by the holes ("nests") created in branches by the females for depositing eggs. The nymphs emerging from the eggs, drop to the ground and dig into the soil.