Lespesia archippivora (parasitoid)

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Lespesia archippivora (click on image to enlarge it)
Source:BOLD Systems

Lespesia archippivora (Riley, 1871) (parasitoid)

This tachinid fly is widely distributed in the Americas. It is a gregarious parasitoid of a wide range of caterpillars, for example armyworms (Spodoptera species). The female deposits several eggs on a nearly mature armyworm. These quickly hatch and the maggots penetrate the host. Development of the fly maggots continues while the caterpillar drops to the ground and pupates. L. archippivora has been released in Hawaii against Spodoptera exempta around 1900 (Bartlett et al., 1978).

Achaetoneura archippivora
Frontina archippivora