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cells of Labyrinthula (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Schwelm et al.
Source: Molecular Plant Pathology (2018) 19 (4) p. 1036

Labyrinthulomycetes - Labyrinthulales

The Labyrinthulomycetes are a group of organisms classified under the Heterokonta. They have been previously assigned to the "protists" and are unrelated to the true fungi, animals or plants. The Heterokonta also include the plant pathogenic oomycetes. The order Labyrinthulales include pathogens of marine and terrestrial plants. In the genus Labyrinthula, the marine species infect seagrass, causing the seagrass wasting disease. Labyrinthula terrestris is the only known terrestrial species. It causes the rapid blight disease of turfgrass in environments with a high salinity like salt lakes or golf course turf irrigated with reclaimed water.

For a review of the genus Labyrinthula see Schwelm et al. (2018).

The following genera and individual species are currently entered under Labyrinthulales: