Journal of the Australian Entomological Society (1995) 34, 215-218

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Scott A. Ritchie and Daniel L. Kline (1995)
Comparison of CDC and EVS light traps baited with carbon dioxide and octenol for trapping mosquitoes in Brisbane, Queensland (Diptera: Culicidae)
Journal of the Australian Entomological Society 34 (3), 215-218
Abstract: Studies were conducted in Brisbane, Australia to test the efficacy of encephalitis virus surveillance (EVS) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mosquito light traps. Additionally, the relative attractiveness of different combinations of light, carbon dioxide (dry ice) and l-octen-3-ol (octenol) was assessed. the CDC light trap consistently collected more mosquitoes than the comparably baited EVS trap. Octenol, supplemented with dry ice, significantly increased collections of Aedes vigilax, Aedes procax and Culex annulirostris but not Aedes notoscriptus.
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