Journal of Phytopathology (2012) 160, 45-47

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Nasser Beikzadeh, Hossein Bayat, Behrooz Jafarpour, Hamid Rohani, Dick Peters and Afshin Hassani-Mehraban (2012)
Infection of Alstroemeria plants with Tomato yellow ring virus in Iran
Journal of Phytopathology 160 (1), 45-47
Abstract: Alstroemeria cv. Ovation plants with virus-like necrotic spots and streaks on leaves and petals were observed in greenhouses in Khorasan Razavi (Mashhad) and Markazi (Mahallat) provinces, Iran. Samples with virus-like symptoms reacted positively in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with a polyclonal antibody raised against Tomato yellow ring virus (TYRV) nucleocapsid (N) protein. TYRV-specific primers were used in a reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction to amplify the N gene. The deduced amino acid sequences of the obtained amplicon revealed 99% identity to the N protein of an isolate of TYRV isolated from tomato (TYRV-t).
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