Journal of Pest Science (2017) 90, 989-1008

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Donald C. Weber, William R. Morrison III, Ashot Khrimian, Kevin B. Rice, Tracy C. Leskey, Cesar Rodriguez-Saona, Anne L. Nielsen and Brett R. Blaauw (2017)
Chemical ecology of Halyomorpha halys: discoveries and applications
Journal of Pest Science 90 (4), 989-1008
Abstract: There have been notable and significant advances in elucidating the chemical ecology of the invasive Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae), brown marmorated stink bug. This highly destructive and polyphagous pest is originally from Korea, China, and Japan, but was accidentally introduced into North America and Europe. Prior to its invasion into these regions, little was known about its chemical ecology. However, since then, researchers have identified and synthesized its aggregation pheromone, documented its synergism with the pheromone of another Asian stink bug, Plautia stali, developed monitoring traps of various designs, and lures with reliable attractants have become commercially available. Furthermore, plant volatiles have been shown to have attractive, neutral, and repellent effects on attraction and retention of H. halys, and H. halys-derived volatiles have been shown to play a role in recruiting natural enemies. Finally, management strategies based on pheromone-based technology have been evaluated, including insecticide applications based on a cumulative threshold of adult captures in pheromone-baited traps, and the use of intensively baited trees in an attract-and-kill strategy to manage this pest. This review summarizes the available literature on the chemical ecology of H. halys and concludes with several research areas that should be explored in future research.
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