Journal of General Plant Pathology (2000) 66, 213-218

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Kazunori Ichikawa and Takayuki Aoki (2000)
New leaf spot disease of cymbidium species caused by Fusarium subglutinans and Fusarium proliferatum
Journal of General Plant Pathology 66 (3), 213-218
Abstract: Fusarium species were consistently isolated from yellow, swollen spots with reddishbrown centers and small black spots on leaves of Cymbidium plants in the greenhouse. Fusarium subglutinans caused the yellow spots and Fusarium proliferatum caused either the yellow or the black spots. We propose the name "yellow spot" for the new disease. To denote differences in their pathogenicity to orchid plants, we designate the population causing yellow spot as race Y and that causing black spot as race B of F. proliferatum.
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Fusarium subglutinans Cymbidium (crop) Japan
Fusarium proliferatum Cymbidium (crop) Japan