Journal of Chemical Ecology (2011) 37, 430-442

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J. Daniel Hare and Jia J. Sun (2011)
Production of herbivore-induced plant volatiles is constrained seasonally in the field but predation on herbivores is not
Journal of Chemical Ecology 37 (5), 430-442
Abstract: Natural enemies of herbivorous insects utilize numerous cues to locate and identify their prey. One class of such cues is volatile organic compounds (VOCs) often produced by plants after attack by herbivores (hereafter herbivore-induced plant volatiles or HIPVs). Under simplified laboratory conditions, natural enemies often make clear choices between different HIPV blends, but such clear choices may be more difficult in more complex field environments. We studied the impact of VOC production by the undomesticated species, Datura wrightii on predation of eggs and larvae of Lema daturaphila by the omnivore, Geocoris pallens in the field. HIPV production in D. wrightii is developmentally and seasonally constrained to the early stages of plant growth even though L. daturaphila and G. pallens inhabit plants throughout the plant's growing season. We, therefore, asked if predation of L. daturaphila by G. pallens might be similarly constrained seasonally. Higher levels of VOC production were associated with higher levels of predation throughout the growing season, and the greater quantities of VOC production in May caused greater increases in predation than did VOC production later in the season (June-September). However, predation in the absence of VOC production ranged from 60-70% in June-September compared to only 14% in May, probably because plants were already colonized by predators later in the season. High levels of VOCs in response to herbivore damage by D. wrightii therefore may aid in the discovery of herbivore-damaged plants early in the season but the seasonal decline in VOC production does not limit predation of L. daturaphila by G. pallens later in the season.
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