Insects (2020) 11 (11 - 732)

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Chouaibou S. Mouhamadou, Kun Luan, Behi K. Fodjo, Andre J. West, Marian G. McCord, Charles S. Apperson and R. Michael Roe (2020)
Development of an insecticide-free trapping bednet to control mosquitoes and manage resistance in malaria vector control: A new way of thinking
Insects 11 (11 - 732)
Abstract: Mosquito-borne malaria kills 429,000 people each year with the problem being acute in sub-Saharan Africa. The successes gained with long-lasting pyrethroid-treated bednets are now in jeopardy because of wide-spread, pyrethroid resistance in mosquitoes. Using crowd modeling theory normalized for standard bednet architecture, we were able to design an attract–trap–kill technology for mosquitoes that does not require insecticides. Using three-dimensional polyester knitting and heat fixation, trap funnels were developed with high capture efficacy with no egression under worst-case laboratory conditions. Field testing in Africa in WHO huts with Gen1-3 T (trap)-Nets validated our model, and as predicted, Gen3 had the highest efficacy with a 4.3-fold greater trap–kill rate with no deterrence or repellency compared to Permanet 2.0, the most common bednet in Africa. A T-Net population model was developed based on field data to predict community-level mosquito control compared to a pyrethroid bednet. This model showed the Gen3 non-insecticidal T-Net under field conditions in Africa against pyrethroid resistant mosquitoes was 12.7-fold more efficacious than single chemical, pyrethroid-treated nets.
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