Insects (2018) 9 (3 - 82)

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Angelita L. Acebes-Doria, William R. Morrison III, Brent D. Short, Kevin B. Rice, Hayley G. Bush, Thomas P. Kuhar, Catherine Duthie and Tracy C. Leskey (2018)
Monitoring and biosurveillance tools for the brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys (Stål) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)
Insects 9 (3 - 82)
Abstract: Halyomorpha halys (Stål) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) is an invasive pest of numerous agricultural crops with an increasing global distribution. Finding simple and reliable monitoring tools for H. halys agricultural and surveillance programs is imperative. In 2016, we compared standard pyramid traps to clear sticky cards attached atop wooden stakes and evaluated two commercially formulated lures (Trécé and AgBio) with low and high rates of the H. halys aggregation pheromone (PHER) and pheromone synergist (MDT) at 12 sites (low: 5 mg PHER + 50 mg MDT; high: 20 mg PHER + 200 mg MDT). In 2017, we reevaluated lure efficacy using only the clear sticky traps at six locations. Sites were classified as having low, moderate, or high relative population densities of H. halys in 2016, and as very low or low densities of H. halys in 2017. Although clear sticky traps captured fewer adults and nymphs than pyramid traps, their captures were generally correlated at all population levels indicating that clear sticky traps can reliably monitor H. halys presence and relative abundance regardless of relative population density. During both years, adult and nymphal captures were significantly greater in traps baited with Trécé lures than with AgBio lures. Captures were greater in traps baited with high loading rate lures for each lure type, and with the exception of traps baited with AgBio lures at high relative density sites in 2016, H. halys captures in traps with low and high loading rates of each lure type were correlated for both years. Comparison of yellow and clear sticky cards indicated they performed equally, but yellow cards captured more nontargets. In summary, clear sticky traps attached atop wooden posts and baited with H. halys pheromone and pheromone synergist lures are an effective option for this pest monitoring and detection.
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