Insect Science (2011) 18, 30-39

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Vassilis Vassiliou, Maria Emmanouilidou, Andreas Perrakis, Evangelia Morou, John Vontas, Anastasia Tsagkarakou and Emmanouil Roditakis (2011)
Insecticide resistance in Bemisia tabaci from Cyprus
Insect Science 18 (1), 30-39
Abstract: A comprehensive study on the Bemisia tabaci (biotype B) resistance to neonicotinoid insecticides imidacloprid, acetamiprid and thiamethoxam, and pyrethroid bifenthrin was conducted in Cyprus. The resistance level to eight field-collected B. tabaci populations was investigated. The activities of enzymes involved in metabolic detoxification and the frequencies of pyrethroid and organophosphates target site resistance mutations were determined. Moderate to high levels of resistance were detected for imidacloprid (resistance factor [RF] 77-392) and thiamethoxam (RF 50-164) while low resistance levels were observed for acetamiprid (RF 7-12). Uniform responses by the Cypriot whiteflies could be observed against all neonicotinoid insecticides. No cross-resistance between the neonicotinoids was detected as well as no association with the activity of the P450 microsomal oxidases. Only imidacloprid resistance correlated with carboxylesterase activity. Low to extremely high resistance was observed for insecticide bifenthrin (RF 49-1 243) which was associated with the frequency of the resistant allele in the sodium channel gene but not with the activity of the detoxification enzymes. Finally, the F331W mutation in the acetylcholinesterase enzyme ace1 gene was fixed in all B. tabaci populations from Cyprus.
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