Hyalomma marginatum

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Hyalomma marginatum (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Adam Cuerden
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Hyalomma marginatum - female (left) and male (right) from Iran (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Jim Occi, BugPics
Source: IPM Images

Hyalomma marginatum Koch, 1844

The tick is found in Europe, Asia and parts of Africa. It feeds on domestic animals like cattle, sheep or goats and also on various wild animals. The tick may further bite humans and transmit the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV). In animals, CCHFV causes infections for up to 2 weeks, but without clinical symptoms. In contrast, CCHFV causes a serious hemorrhagic disease in humans which is often fatal.