Helicoverpa punctigera

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Helicoverpa punctigera (click on image to enlarge it)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Helicoverpa punctigera (Wallengren, 1860) - (Australian bollworm)

The moth is an indigenous and important pest of cotton in Australia and can also infest many other crops. It is native to the interior dry parts of Australia (where small populations are found) and it has spread from there to the coastal cropping areas. It often co-occurs with Helicoverpa armigera and both species are very similar. However, H. punctigera can be recognized by the hindwings lacking a pale mark in the apical black band and by the caterpillars having black hairs on the prothorax. It appears to be less resistant to Bt cotton than H. armigera.

Heliothis punctigera