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Publications of Frank Dunemann (7 listed):

Plant Breeding (2009) 128, 84-91
A. Boudichevskaia, H. Flachowsky and F. Dunemann (2009)
Identification and molecular analysis of candidate genes homologous to HcrVf genes for scab resistance in apple

Plant Breeding (2007) 126, 476-481
F. Dunemann, A. Peil, A. Urbanietz and T. Garcia-Libreros (2007)
Mapping of the apple powdery mildew resistance gene Pl1 and its genetic association with an NBS-LRR candidate resistance gene

Gesunde Pflanzen (2006) 58, 117-123
Silke Lesemann and Frank Dunemann (2006)
Neue Erkenntnisse zur Biodiversität des Apfelmehltau-Erregers
[Recent findings on the biodiversity of the apple powdery mildew pathogen]

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2006) 113, 259-267
S.S. Lesemann, S. Schimpke, F. Dunemann and H.B. Deising (2006)
Mitochondrial heteroplasmy for the cytochrome b gene controls the level of strobilurin resistance in the apple powdery mildew fungus Podosphaera leucotricha (Ell. and Ev.) E.S. Salmon

Plant Pathology (2005) 54, 125-133
A. Urbanietz and F. Dunemann (2005)
Isolation, identification and molecular characterization of physiological races of apple powdery mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha)

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (1998) 96, 699-708
G.J. King, F.H. Alston, L.M. Brown, E. Chevreau, K.M. Evans, F. Dunemann, J. Janse, F. Laurens, J.R. Lynn, C. Maliepaard, A.G. Manganaris, P. Roche, H. Schmidt, S. Tartarini, J. Verhaegh and R. Vrielink (1998)
Multiple field and glasshouse assessments increase the reliability of linkage mapping of the Vf source of scab resistance in apple

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (1997) 94, 528-533
P. Roche, F.H. Alston, C. Maliepaard, K.M. Evans, R. Vrielink, F. Dunemann, T. Markussen, S. Tartarini, L.M. Brown, C. Ryder and G.J. King (1997)
RFLP and RAPD markers linked to the rosy leaf curling aphid resistance gene (Sd1) in apple