Forficula auricularia (predator)

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Forficula auricularia male (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Eugene Zelenko
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Forficula auricularia (predator) Linnaeus - (common earwig)

This earwig is considered an important predator of orchard pests in some countries. It is highly polyphagous, feeding on insects like aphids, scales, caterpillars, psyllids or gall midges. However, as an omnivore it feeds also on plant material and can damage fruits or contaminate them with its frass. In countries where it is regarded as beneficial, fruit damage caused by the insect is regarded as minor compared to its benefits as predator of fruit pests (Jana et al., 2021).

This species has been accidentally introduced into several other countries where populations can reach high densities. In areas where it is not native, it is often regarded as a plant and nuisance pest, see F. auricularia (as plant/nuisance pest) for details and literature on that aspect.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Gemeiner Ohrwurm
• English: common earwig
European earwig
• Français: forficule commun

For a review see Orpet et al. (2019).