European Journal of Plant Pathology (2011) 131, 261-268

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Ntsane Moleleki, Michael J. Wingfield, Brenda D. Wingfield and Oliver Preisig (2011)
Effect of Diaporthe RNA virus 1 (DRV1) on growth and pathogenicity of different Diaporthe species
European Journal of Plant Pathology 131 (2), 261-268
Abstract: A 4.1 kbp positive-strand RNA virus known as Diaporthe RNA virus 1 (DRV1) occurs in hypovirulent, non-sporulating isolates of the fungal pathogen Diaporthe perjuncta. A full-length cDNA clone of DRV1 was developed and RNA transcribed from the cDNA clone used to transfect different Diaporthe spp. The transfected species included three D. ambigua isolates and an unidentified Phomopsis asexual state of a Diaporthe sp. Successful transfections were confirmed using RT-PCR. Although the in vitro-transcribed positive sense single-stranded RNA used for transfection included vector sequences at both ends, the genomes of progeny virus from DRV1-transfected isolates were free of the vector sequences. Transfection resulted in morphological changes in these fungal pathogens. However, the presence of DRV1 did not reduce growth rate in two of the three D. ambigua or the Phomopsis sp. significantly. Pathogenicity studies showed that the transfected isolates have reduced aggresiveness.
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Diaporthe ambigua
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Diaporthe RNA viruses (antagonists) Diaporthe ambigua
Diaporthe RNA viruses (antagonists) Diaporthe perjuncta