Euphytica (2009) 165

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Articles of Euphytica entered for volume 165 (2009)

Euphytica (2009) 165, 1-4
Prakash R. Arelli, Lawrence D. Young and Vergel C. Concibido (2009)
Inheritance of resistance in soybean PI 567516C to LY1 nematode population infecting cv. Hartwig
Euphytica 165 (1),  p. 1

Euphytica (2009) 165, 27-34
M.C. Vaz Patto, M. Fernández-Aparicio, A. Moral and D. Rubiales (2009)
Pre and posthaustorial resistance to rusts in Lathyrus cicera L.
Euphytica 165 (1),  p. 27

Euphytica (2009) 165, 79-88
Pratibha Kottapalli, Pooran M. Gaur, Sanjay K. Katiyar, Jonathan H. Crouch, Hutokshi K. Buhariwalla, Suresh Pande and Kishore K. Gali (2009)
Mapping and validation of QTLs for resistance to an Indian isolate of Ascochyta blight pathogen in chickpea
Euphytica 165 (1),  p. 79

Euphytica (2009) 165, 105-111
H.A.M. van der Vossen and D.J. Walyaro (2009)
Additional evidence for oligogenic inheritance of durable host resistance to coffee berry disease (Colletotrichum kahawae) in arabica coffee (Coffea arabica L.)
Euphytica 165 (1),  p. 105

Euphytica (2009) 165, 123-136
P. Quénéhervé, C. Valette, P. Topart, H. Tezenas du Montcel and F. Salmon (2009)
Nematode resistance in bananas: screening results on some wild and cultivated accessions of Musa spp.
Euphytica 165 (1),  p. 123

Euphytica (2009) 165, 137-143
P. Quénéhervé, F. Salmon, P. Topart and J.P. Horry (2009)
Nematode resistance in bananas: screening results on some new Mycosphaerella resistant banana hybrids
Euphytica 165 (1),  p. 137

Euphytica (2009) 165, 145-154
E.E. Omo-Ikerodah, C.A. Fatokun and I. Fawole (2009)
Genetic analysis of resistance to flower bud thrips (Megalurothrips sjostedti) in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata [L.] Walp.)
Euphytica 165 (1),  p. 145

Euphytica (2009) 165, 177-188
Mukesh K. Dubey, Om P. Dhawan and Suman P.S. Khanuja (2009)
Downy mildew resistance in opium poppy: resistance sources, inheritance pattern, genetic variability and strategies for crop improvement
Euphytica 165 (1),  p. 177

Euphytica (2009) 165, 269-278
Tae-Ho Park, Simon Foster, Gianinna Brigneti and Jonathan D.G. Jones (2009)
Two distinct potato late blight resistance genes from Solanum berthaultii are located on chromosome 10
Euphytica 165 (2),  p. 269

Euphytica (2009) 165, 333-344
Morad Jafari, Peyman Norouzi, Mohammad Ali Malboobi, Behzad Ghareyazie, Mostafa Valizadeh, Seyed Aboulghasem Mohammadi and Mozhgan Mousavi (2009)
Enhanced resistance to a lepidopteran pest in transgenic sugar beet plants expressing synthetic cry1Ab gene
Euphytica 165 (2),  p. 333

Euphytica (2009) 165, 371-382
M.I. Siri, G.A. Galván, L. Quirici, E. Silvera, P. Villanueva, F. Ferreira, L. Franco Fraguas and M.J. Pianzzola (2009)
Molecular marker diversity and bacterial wilt resistance in wild Solanum commersonii accessions from Uruguay
Euphytica 165 (2),  p. 371

Euphytica (2009) 165, 453-458
L. Tamburic-Ilincic, D. Somers, G. Fedak and A. Schaafsma (2009)
Different quantitative trait loci for Fusarium resistance in wheat seedlings and adult stage in the Wuhan/Nyubai wheat population
Euphytica 165 (3),  p. 453

Euphytica (2009) 165, 523-532
Krishna Datta Puri, Sunder Man Shrestha, Gopal Bahadur Khhatri Chhetri and Krishna Dev Joshi (2009)
Leaf and neck blast resistance reaction in tropical rice lines under green house condition
Euphytica 165 (3),  p. 523

Euphytica (2009) 165, 557-565
Shu-Jun Wu, Huan Zhong, Yong Zhou, Hui Zuo, Li-Hui Zhou, Jin-Yan Zhu, Cao-Qiu Ji, Shi-Liang Gu, Ming-Hong Gu and Guo-Hua Liang (2009)
Identification of QTLs for the resistance to Rice stripe virus in the indica rice variety Dular
Euphytica 165 (3),  p. 557

Euphytica (2009) 165, 567-578
L.M. Reid, X. Zhu, A. Parker and W. Yan (2009)
Increased resistance to Ustilago zeae and Fusarium verticilliodes in maize inbred lines bred for Fusarium graminearum resistance
Euphytica 165 (3),  p. 567

Euphytica (2009) 165, 597-606
P. Ramasamy, M.A. Menz, P.J. Mehta, S. Katilé, L.A. Gutierrez-Rojas, R.R. Klein, P.E. Klein, L.K. Prom, J.A. Schlueter, W.L. Rooney and C.W. Magill (2009)
Molecular mapping of Cg1 , a gene for resistance to anthracnose (Colletotrichum sublineolum) in sorghum
Euphytica 165 (3),  p. 597