Euphytica (2009) 165, 597-606

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P. Ramasamy, M.A. Menz, P.J. Mehta, S. Katilé, L.A. Gutierrez-Rojas, R.R. Klein, P.E. Klein, L.K. Prom, J.A. Schlueter, W.L. Rooney and C.W. Magill (2009)
Molecular mapping of Cg1 , a gene for resistance to anthracnose (Colletotrichum sublineolum) in sorghum
Euphytica 165 (3), 597-606
Abstract: Anthracnose, caused by the fungus Colletotrichum sublineolum is one of the most destructive diseases of sorghum and has been reported in most areas where the crop is grown. Several control strategies have been developed but host plant resistance has been regarded as the most effective strategy for disease control. Here, we describe the search for molecular markers that co-segregate with Cg1, a dominant gene for resistance originally identified in cultivar SC748-5. To identify molecular markers linked with the Cg1 locus, F2:3 plants derived from a cross to susceptible cultivar BTx623 were analyzed with 98 AFLP primer combinations. BTx623 was chosen as the susceptible parent because it is also one on the parents used in creating RFLP and AFLP maps and BAC libraries for sorghum. Four AFLP markers that cosegregate with disease resistance were identified, of which Xtxa6227 mapped within 1.8 cM of the anthracnose resistance locus and all four AFLP markers have been previously mapped to the end of sorghum linkage group LG-05. Sequence scanning of BAC clones spanning this chromosome led to the discovery that Xtxp549, a polymorphic simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker, mapped within 3.6 cM of the anthracnose resistance locus. To examine the efficacy of Xtxa6227 and Xtxp549 for marker-assisted selection, 13 breeding lines derived from crosses with sorghum line SC748-5 were genotyped. In 12 of the 13 lines the Xtxa6227 and Xtxp549 polymorphism associated with the Cg1 locus was still present, suggesting that Xtxp549 and Xtxa6227 could be useful for marker-assisted selection and for pyramiding of Cg1 with other genes conferring resistance to C. sublineolum in sorghum.
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