Eulophidae (pests)

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Quadrastichus erythrinae - female (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Paul E. Skelley, FDACS-DPI-Florida State Collection of Arthropods
Source: IPM Images


This is a large family of small chalcid wasps with more than 4,000 species and around 300 genera. They are often metallic green in colour. The waps are mainly parasitoids of small insects but some are also plant pests and induce leaf galls.

The family is characterized by its members having:

  • 4-segmented tarsi
  • a small straight spur on the foretibia (compared to the long and curved spur of other chalcids)
  • antennae with only 10 segments or less, with a basal portion (funicle) consisting of 2-4 segments.

This page deals only with plant pests, for beneficial species see:

The following genera and individual pest species are currently entered under this family: