Emanuele Radicetti

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See Emanuele Radicetti in the ISPI database of scientists.

Publications of Emanuele Radicetti

Weed Research (2018) 58, 273-283
E. Campiglia, E. Radicetti and R. Mancinelli (2018)
Floristic composition and species diversity of weed community after 10 years of different cropping systems and soil tillage in a Mediterranean environment

PLoS ONE (2018) 13 (2 - e0191969)
Adnan Sisic, Jelena Bacanovic-Sisic, Petr Karlovsky, Raphaël Wittwer, Florian Walder, Enio Campiglia, Emanuele Radicetti, Hanna Friberg, Jörg Peter Baresel and Maria R. Finckh (2018)
Roots of symptom-free leguminous cover crop and living mulch species harbor diverse Fusarium communities that show highly variable aggressiveness on pea (Pisum sativum)