EPPO Bulletin (2006) 36, 475-485

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N. Ogris, D. Jurc and M. Jurc (2006)
Spread risk of Eutypella canker of maple in Europe
EPPO Bulletin 36 (3), 475-485
Abstract: Eutypella canker of maple, caused by the pathogen Eutypella parasitica, has recently been reported for the first time in Europe. A rule-based model of Eutypella parasitica spread risk in Europe is presented. This model incorporates the effects of spatial and temporal variability of multiple variables on pathogen spread and establishment. Model predictions are based on current knowledge of host susceptibility, pathogen reproduction and pathogen transmission, with particular regard to the host species' distribution and climate suitability. Maps of host species' distributions and monthly weather conditions were spatially analyzed in a Geographic Information System using the magnitude and direction of each variable's effect on disease spread. Spread risk predictions were computed for each month and averaged to generate a cumulative risk map. The model was calibrated using data on the natural distribution of Eutypella canker in North America. Extensive areas covering the natural distribution of maples in Europe are at considerable risk from the Eutypella parasitica infection. The most endangered regions are broad areas of the Balkans, the Apennines, France, Central and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.
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Eutypella parasitica Maple (Acer)