Culex sitiens

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Culex sitiens (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): LiCheng Shih
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Culex sitiens Wiedemann, 1829

This mosquito species is found in Asia, the Australian/Pacific region and parts of Africa. It has a wide host range including humans, domestic animals, other mammals and birds. C. sitiens is suspected of being a vector of Japanese B encephalitis, the Ross River virus which causes epidemic polyarthritis in Australia, as well as other viruses (e.g. see Johansen et al. 2004, Ritchie et al. 1997 or Fanning et al. 1992). In Thailand, has been also found naturally infected with the nematode Brugia malayi, the cause of lymphatic filariasis in humans.

C. sitiens is common in coastal areas, where the larvae live in various habitats like salt-marshes, salt water or fresh water. Outbreaks developed in Thailand after a tsunami created brackish water pools in 2009 (Prummongkol et al., 2012).