Bulletin of Insectology (2015) 68, 255-263

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Betsey Miller, Gianfranco Anfora, Matt Buffington, Kent M. Daane, Daniel T. Dalton, Kim M. Hoelmer, M. Valerio Rossi Stacconi, Alberto Grassi, Claudio Ioriatti, Augusto Loni, Jeffrey C. Miller, M'bark Ouantar, Xingeng Wang, Nik G. Wiman and Vaughn M. Walton (2015)
Seasonal occurrence of resident parasitoids associated with Drosophila suzukii in two small fruit production regions of Italy and the USA
Bulletin of Insectology 68 (2), 255-263
Abstract: For the first time we report the results of a survey to determine the presence, seasonal phenology and biological control status of indigenous parasitoid populations utilizing Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) and Drosophila melanogaster Meigen (Diptera Drosophilidae) as hosts in Trento Province, Northern Italy, and the Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA. Larval and pupal parasitoids were sampled using sentinel traps baited with larvae of D. suzukii or D. melanogaster, or traps baited with fruit or yeast-based host substrates. Two generalist parasitoids, Pachycrepoideus vindemiae (Rondani) (Hymenoptera Pteromalidae) and Leptopilina heterotoma (Thomson) (Hymenoptera Figitidae) emerged from the sentinel traps in both regions, and a third generalist parasitoid, Trichopria drosophilae Perkins (Hymenoptera Diapriidae), was found in Italy. L. heterotoma was present during the early portion of the season in Italy while P. vindemiae was found throughout the growing season in both production regions. Low numbers of parasitoids relative to initial larval load in baits suggest a limited effect of indigenous parasitoids on D. suzukii in these two important fruit production regions. These findings highlight the need for improved biological control of D. suzukii through introduction or augmentation of specialist parasitoids from the native range of D. suzukii. This report provides baseline data on the current status of biological control of D. suzukii in Italy and Oregon.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Drosophila suzukii Italy
Drosophila suzukii U.S.A. (NW)
Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae (parasitoid) Drosophila suzukii Italy
Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae (parasitoid) Drosophila suzukii U.S.A. (NW)
Trichopria drosophilae (parasitoid) Drosophila suzukii Italy
Trichopria drosophilae (parasitoid) Drosophila suzukii U.S.A. (NW)