Bulletin of Insectology (2012) 65, 89-93

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Stefania Laudonia and Raffaele Sasso (2012)
The bronze bug Thaumastocoris peregrinus: a new insect recorded in Italy, damaging to Eucalyptus trees
Bulletin of Insectology 65 (1), 89-93
Abstract: The bronze bug Thaumastocoris peregrinus Carpintero et Dellape (Heteroptera Thaumastocoridae) is reported for the first time from Italy infesting Eucalyptus spp. in several urban and rural sites of the Latium region. The host plants are very common in Italy as ornamental and forest trees. This is the first record of a member of the family Thaumastocoridae from Europe and the Mediterranean region. Preliminary observations on general biological aspects and distribution of T. peregrinus have been conducted.
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Thaumastocoris peregrinus Eucalypt (Eucalyptus) Italy