Bragantia (2019) 78, 244-252

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Mônica Santos, Rafael Major Pitta, Leandro do Prado Ribeiro, Nivia Silva Dias-Pini and José Djair Vendramim (2019)
Characterization of tolerance to citrus leafminer of Citrus and related genera
Bragantia 78 (2), 244-252
Abstract: The aim of this study was to identify resistance of tolerance type in Citrus and Poncirus genotypes towards the citrus leafminer (CLM), Phyllocnistis citrella. The quantitative variables leaf and shoot lengths, leaf width, number of larvae and new shoots, and fresh and dry shoots weights, and qualitative variables associated with foliar damage were evaluated in six Citrus-related genotypes infested with CLM. In preliminary trials with lime Rough lemon (C. jambhiri), the variables that best discriminated the infestation effect of CLM were established as the numbers of larvae and new shoots per plant together with the percentages of partially rolled leaves (PRL), rolled leaves (RL) and total damage (TD = RL + PRL). In subsequent tests with all six genotypes, the variables new shoots per plant, percentage of attacked but not rolled leaves (ANRL), RL and TD were found to be significant. Trifoliata Limeira (P. trifoliata) and hybrid C × R4 (C. sunki × P. trifoliata) presented the lowest percentages of RL and TD and the highest values of ANRL. A cluster analysis was performed considering all the variables analyzed and the most tolerant genotypes for CLM, namely hybridsC × R4, C × R315 (C. sunki × P. trifoliata), M × P222 [C. sinensis × Tangor Murcott (C. reticulata × C. sinensis)] and Trifoliata Limeira (P. trifoliata) were grouped apart from the less tolerant genotypes Sunki mandarin (C. sunki) and lime Rough lemon. In conclusion, genotypes Trifoliata Limeira and its hybrid C × R4 are the most tolerant to CLM.
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