Biological Invasions (2008) 10 (5)

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Articles of Biological Invasions entered for 2008 and volume (issue): 10 (5)

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 591-601
Lauren D. Quinn and Jodie S. Holt (2008)
Ecological correlates of invasion by Arundo donax in three southern California riparian habitats

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 717-727
Bart Deckers, Kris Verheyen, Margot Vanhellemont, Eva Maddens, Bart Muys and Martin Hermy (2008)
Impact of avian frugivores on dispersal and recruitment of the invasive Prunus serotina in an agricultural landscape

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 729-741
John G. Lambrinos and K. Jun Bando (2008)
Habitat modification inhibits conspecific seedling recruitment in populations of an invasive ecosystem engineer

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 749-756
Thomas L. Bultman and David J. DeWitt (2008)
Effect of an invasive ground cover plant on the abundance and diversity of a forest floor spider assemblage

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 757-760
Colin N. Yates and Stephen D. Murphy (2008)
Observations of herbivore attack on garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) in Southwestern Ontario, Canada

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 761-770
Gregory Paul Cheplick (2008)
Growth trajectories and size-dependent reproduction in the highly invasive grass Microstegium vimineum