Biocontrol Science and Technology (2008) 18, 591-598

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T.D. Gariepy, A.B. Broadbent, S. Ethier, U. Kuhlmann, C. Gillott and M. Erlandson (2008)
Detection of European Peristenus digoneutis Loan in mirid populations in southern Ontario
Biocontrol Science and Technology 18 (6), 591-598
Abstract: Lygus spp. Hahn (Hemiptera: Miridae) are serious pests of a wide variety of economically important crops in North America. A European parasitoid, Peristenus digoneutis Loan (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), released in the northeastern USA for the biological control of Lygus, has successfully established in nine states and in eastern Canada, including southeastern Ontario, southern Quebec and Nova Scotia. To determine the extent to which P. digoneutis has dispersed and established in mirid populations in Ontario, a single-step multiplex PCR assay, designed to differentiate European species P. digoneutis and P. relictus from native North American Peristenus species, was used to identify parasitoid larvae dissected from field-collected Miridae. A total of 222 parasitoid larvae were analysed with the multiplex assay. Most (172) were identified as members of the P. pallipes Curtis complex; however, three from the Niagara region were identified as P. digoneutis. Specimens that did not amplify using the Peristenus multiplex PCR assay were screened with a PCR primer set designed to detect Leiophron (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) species, and most were confirmed to be Leiophron larvae. This study confirms the presence of P. digoneutis species in southern Ontario, and is another example of the utility of molecular methods for the detection of newly introduced or dispersed parasitoids. The presence of exotic P. digoneutis in southern Ontario may expedite future releases to augment already-established populations. Following such releases, the Peristenus multiplex PCR assay will be a useful component of post-release studies to evaluate the success of the biological control programme for Lygus plant bugs in Canada.
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Peristenus digoneutis (parasitoid) Canada (east)
Peristenus mellipes (parasitoid) Canada (east)