Bemisia tabaci biotype MED

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Bemisia tabaci
Author: Stephen Ausmus
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bemisia tabaci biotype MED

The biotype is also called biotype Mediterranean or biotype Q. It is polyphagous, very destructive and an efficient virus vector. It was described originally from the Mediterranean and North African regions. However it is highly invasive and by now has a world-wide distribution.

Some findings indicate that it is less polyphagous than biotype MEAM1. However, it is a more competent vector for at least 1 plant virus and has replaced biotype MEAM1 in some areas. Further, it has developed high levels of resistance to neonicotinoid insecticides. Three mitochondrial variants of this biotype have been identified (McKenzie et al. 2009).

Bemisia tabaci biotype Mediterranean
Bemisia tabaci biotype Q

For details on the biology see the species page for Bemisia tabaci.