Arthropod-Plant Interactions (2011) 5, 193-199

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Pascal D. Leroy, Bernard Wathelet, Ahmed Sabri, Frédéric Francis, François J. Verheggen, Quentin Capella, Philippe Thonart and Eric Haubruge (2011)
Aphid-host plant interactions: does aphid honeydew exactly reflect the host plant amino acid composition?
Arthropod-Plant Interactions 5 (3), 193-199
Abstract: Plants provide aphids with unbalanced and low concentrations of amino acids. Likely, intracellular symbionts improve the aphid nutrition by participating to the synthesis of essential amino acids. To compare the aphid amino acid uptakes from the host plant and the aphids amino acid excretion into the honeydew, host plant exudates (phloem + xylem) from infested and uninfested Vicia faba L. plants were compared to the honeydew produced by two aphid species (Acyrthosiphon pisum Harris and Megoura viciae Buckton) feeding on V. faba. Our results show that an aphid infestation modifies the amino acid composition of the infested broad bean plant since the global concentration of amino acids significantly increased in the host plant in response to aphid infestations. Specifically, the concentrations of the two amino acids glutamine and asparagine were strongly enhanced. The amino acid profiles from honeydews were similar for the two aphid species, but the concentrations found in the honeydews were generally lower than those measured in the exudates of infested plants (aphids uptakes). This work also highlights that aphids take large amounts of amino acids from the host plant, especially glutamine and asparagine, which are converted into glutamic and aspartic acids but also into other essential amino acids. The amino acid profiles differed between the host plant exudates and the aphid excretion product. Finally, this study highlights that the pea aphid, a "specialist" for the V. faba host plant, induced more important modifications into the host plant amino acid composition than the "generalist" aphid M. viciae.
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Acyrthosiphon pisum Broad/faba bean (Vicia faba)
Megoura viciae Broad/faba bean (Vicia faba)