Archives of Virology (2016) 161, 1981-1986

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Karina N. Silva, Fernando L. Melo, Anelise F. Orílio, Tatsuya Nagata, Marilia S. Silva, Celso D. Fernandes, Rodrigo R. Fragoso, Suelen N. Dessaune and Renato O. Resende (2016)
Biological and molecular characterization of a highly divergent Johnsongrass mosaic virus isolate from Pennisetum purpureum
Archives of Virology 161 (7), 1981-1986
Abstract: The complete genome sequence (9,865 nucleotides) of a highly divergent johnsongrass mosaic virus isolate (JGMV-CNPGL) was determined using Illumina sequencing. This isolate infected 10 genotypes of gramineous plants including maize. A comparative analysis of the complete genome showed 80 % nucleotide (nt) sequence identity (86 % amino acid (aa) sequence identity) to a johnsongrass mosaic virus isolate from Australia. The coat protein (CP) identity values, however, were lower than those for the whole genome (78 % and 80 % for nt and aa, respectively) and were close to the species demarcation values (77 % nt and 80 % aa). Unexpectedly, the amino-terminal portion of CP of JGMV-CNPGL showed only 38 % sequence identity to other JGMV isolates. The biological implications of this sequence divergence remain to be elucidated.
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