Agrilus bilineatus

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Agrilus bilineatus (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Tom Murray
Source: BugGuide

Agrilus bilineatus (Weber, 1801) - (twolined chestnut borer)

This beetle is native to North America, but has been also recorded from Turkey since 2013 (Hizal & Arslangündogdu, 2018). It is of quarantine concern to other countries in Asia and Europe. It breeds in chestnut and oak trees and the larvae mine the inner bark and outer sapwood, often girdling branches which leads to wilting. In North America, it is usually regarded as a secondary pest, but outbreaks may develop after drought, storms or hail damage. Chestnut and oak trees weakened by such events may be killed by the beetle.

The adult beetle is elongated and typically 8-10 mm long. It has a dark grey to black colouration with 2 white lines along the elytra and the sides of the pronotum.

Vernacular names
• English: twolined chestnut borer
• Español: barrenador de dos rayos de la castaña
• Français: agrile du châtaignier

For a review see the EPPO Bulletin (2020).