Acarina (2003) 11, 135-214

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O.V. Voltzit and J.E. Keirans (2003)
A review of African Amblyomma species (Acari, Ixodida, Ixodidae)
Acarina 11 (2), 135-214
Abstract: The African species of Amblyomma are reviewed and re-described. In addition, keys and information on distribution and hosts are provided.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
Database assignments for author(s): Olga V. Voltzit

Research topic(s) for pests/diseases/weeds:
general biology - morphology - evolution

Pest and/or beneficial records:

Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.

Amblyomma variegatum Chad
Amblyomma variegatum Ethiopia
Amblyomma variegatum Kenya
Amblyomma variegatum Mali
Amblyomma variegatum Mauritania
Amblyomma variegatum Niger
Amblyomma variegatum Senegal
Amblyomma variegatum Somalia
Amblyomma variegatum Sudan
Amblyomma variegatum Botswana
Amblyomma variegatum Madagascar
Amblyomma variegatum Mozambique
Amblyomma variegatum Namibia
Amblyomma variegatum Zambia
Amblyomma variegatum Zimbabwe
Amblyomma variegatum Yemen
Amblyomma hebraeum Botswana
Amblyomma hebraeum Mozambique
Amblyomma hebraeum South Africa
Amblyomma hebraeum Zimbabwe
Amblyomma marmoreum Mozambique
Amblyomma marmoreum Namibia
Amblyomma marmoreum South Africa
Amblyomma marmoreum Zimbabwe
Amblyomma gemma Ethiopia
Amblyomma gemma Kenya
Amblyomma gemma Somalia
Amblyomma gemma Tanzania
Amblyomma gemma Uganda
Amblyomma sparsum Burundi
Amblyomma sparsum Kenya
Amblyomma sparsum Rwanda
Amblyomma sparsum Sudan
Amblyomma sparsum Tanzania
Amblyomma sparsum Uganda
Amblyomma sparsum Mozambique
Amblyomma sparsum Namibia
Amblyomma sparsum Zimbabwe
Amblyomma astrion Congo-Democratic Republic
Amblyomma astrion São Tomé and Príncipe
Amblyomma astrion Angola
Amblyomma cohaerens Kenya
Amblyomma cohaerens Sudan
Amblyomma cohaerens Tanzania
Amblyomma eburneum Eritrea
Amblyomma eburneum Ethiopia
Amblyomma eburneum Kenya
Amblyomma eburneum Somalia
Amblyomma eburneum Tanzania
Amblyomma eburneum Zimbabwe
Amblyomma lepidum Cyprus
Amblyomma lepidum Chad
Amblyomma lepidum Eritrea
Amblyomma lepidum Ethiopia
Amblyomma lepidum Kenya
Amblyomma lepidum Somalia
Amblyomma lepidum Sudan
Amblyomma lepidum Tanzania
Amblyomma lepidum Uganda
Amblyomma lepidum Malawi
Amblyomma lepidum Egypt
Amblyomma lepidum Israel
Amblyomma lepidum Syria
Amblyomma loculosum Seychelles
Amblyomma paulopunctatum Burundi
Amblyomma paulopunctatum Cameroon
Amblyomma paulopunctatum Central African Republic
Amblyomma paulopunctatum Congo-Democratic Republic
Amblyomma paulopunctatum Guinea
Amblyomma paulopunctatum Ivory Coast
Amblyomma paulopunctatum Liberia
Amblyomma paulopunctatum Sierra Leone
Amblyomma paulopunctatum Uganda
Amblyomma paulopunctatum Angola
Amblyomma pomposum Burundi
Amblyomma pomposum Congo-Democratic Republic
Amblyomma pomposum Kenya
Amblyomma pomposum Rwanda
Amblyomma pomposum Angola
Amblyomma pomposum Mozambique
Amblyomma pomposum Zambia
Amblyomma pomposum Zimbabwe
Amblyomma splendidum Benin
Amblyomma splendidum Cameroon
Amblyomma splendidum Congo-Democratic Republic
Amblyomma splendidum Gabon
Amblyomma splendidum Ghana
Amblyomma splendidum Guinea-Bissau
Amblyomma splendidum Guinea
Amblyomma splendidum Ivory Coast
Amblyomma splendidum Liberia
Amblyomma splendidum Nigeria
Amblyomma splendidum Sierra Leone
Amblyomma splendidum Togo
Amblyomma splendidum Angola