Weed Technology (2007) 21, 759-762

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Gerald M. Henry, Fred H. Yelverton and Michael G. Burton (2007)
Dallisgrass (Paspalum dilatatum) control with foramsulfuron in bermudagrass turf
Weed Technology 21 (3), 759-762
Abstract: Dallisgrass response to various MSMA and foramsulfuron herbicide combinations was evaluated from 2004 through 2006 in North Carolina. Dallisgrass control declined with herbicide rates; therefore, only the highest rates (foramsulfuron, 0.15 kg ai/ha; MSMA, 2.5 kg ai/ha) are discussed. Foramsulfuron followed by (fb) foramsulfuron 1 wk after initial treatment (WAIT) provided 60% control of dallisgrass 1 mo after initial treatment (MAIT), but control declined to 40% 3 MAIT. MSMA (2.5 kg ai/ha) applied three times provided 89% dallisgrass control 1 MAIT, but control declined to 71% 3 MAIT. Among 22 MSMA and foramsulfuron sequential application programs, MSMA fb foramsulfuron 2 WAIT fb MSMA 3 WAIT provided the highest control (94%) of dallisgrass 1 MAIT, and control levels remained high (93%) 3 MAIT. This herbicide program provided 85% control 1 yr after initial treatment (YAIT), whereas no other treatment provided greater than 37% control 1 YAIT. Timing of foramsulfuron application following the initial MSMA application affected the control of dallisgrass. Waiting 2 WAIT, rather than 1 WAIT, before applying foramsulfuron increased control of dallisgrass by 20% 1 MAIT and 19% 3 MAIT. However, the increase in control 1 YAIT was only 5% regardless of herbicide rate. The addition of a second application of MSMA following the application of foramsulfuron 2 WAIT of MSMA further increased control by 10% 1 MAIT, 37% 3 MAIT, and 48% 1 YAIT. Results from this study suggest dallisgrass may be controlled with applications of MSMA fb foramsulfuron 2 WAIT fb MSMA 3 WAIT applied during early to midsummer. The use of MSMA was required to achieve dallisgrass control, however, the relatively high level of control achieved 1 YAIT with a program including sequential applications of MSMA and foramsulfuron may help reduce the total amount of arsenical herbicides used to control dallisgrass infestations over time.
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