Weed Technology (2004) 18, 560-565

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Keith D. Burnell, Fred H. Yelverton, Joseph C. Neal, Travis W. Gannon and J. Scott McElroy (2004)
Control of silvery-thread moss (Bryum argenteum Hedw.) in creeping bentgrass (Agrostis palustris Huds.) putting greens
Weed Technology 18 (3), 560-565
Abstract: Field experiments were conducted to evaluate chemicals for silvery-thread moss control and bentgrass turfgrass quality. Treatments included iron (Fe)-containing products, nitrogen fertilizers, Ultra Dawn dishwashing detergent (UD) at 3% (v/v), and oxadiazon. In general, greater silvery-thread moss control was achieved with Fe-containing products. Ferrous sulfate at 40 kg Fe/ha plus ammonium sulfate at 30 kg N/ha, a combined product of ferrous oxide, ferrous sulfate, and iron humates (FEOSH) at 125 kg Fe/ha, and a combined product of iron disulfide and ferrous sulfate (FEDS) at 112 kg Fe/ha reduced silvery-thread moss populations 87, 81, and 69%, respectively, 6 wk after initial treatment (WAIT). UD reduced silvery-thread moss populations 57% 6 WAIT. The addition of oxadiazon to Fe-containing treatments did not improve silvery-thread moss population reduction. Other experiments evaluated two formulations of chlorothalonil, each applied at two rates, chlorothalonil with zinc at 9.5 and 17.4 kg ai/ha and chlorothalonil without zinc at 9.1 and 18.2 kg/ ha, and two spray volumes (2,038 and 4,076 L/ha). Greater silvery-thread moss population reduction was observed at Jefferson Landing in 1999 compared with Elk River in 1999 and 2000. Rainfall events at Elk River in 1999 and 2000 within 24 h after application and no rain at Jefferson Landing may account for variation in performance of products between sites. However, no difference in chlorothalonil formulation, rate, or spray volume was observed in any location or year. These data indicate that Fe-containing fertilizers or chlorothalonil can be used to reduce silvery-thread moss populations in creeping bentgrass putting greens.
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