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The template is part of the Publication form and should be called in the following format:

{{Pest record

It displays the data for a pest record (a combination of pest/disease/weed, crop and country covered by the publication) as part of a table at the bottom of the publication. Further, it makes several SemanticMW assignments (partly through the associated template Template:AssignPest). These assignments are:

  1. A normal SemanticMW assignment for the specified pest.
  2. If the specified pest has one or more higher category(ies) an additional normal SemanticMW assignment to the first higher category.
  3. An internal object assignment for the above 4 parameters.
  4. If the pest has a higher category an additional internal object assignment, but with the pest category instead of the pest.
  5. If the crop has the higher category "Grasses/turf/rangeland" or "Mushrooms" an additional internal object assignment, but with this crop category instead of the crop.