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This template is similar to Template:CheckAuthors but checks the field 'Author pages(s)' in the form 'Publication' which has a slightly different format than a normal field of authors. It checks if the signs or string ';', ':' or ' and ' is found in the field content and returns an error message if they are. The template takes the following 2 parameters:

previous error message
string of authors


{{CheckAuthors2|1=Previous Error Message|2=Author1; Author2}}}}
{{CheckAuthors2|2=Author1; Author2, Author3 and text:text}}}}

… results in:

Format Error: The field ‘Author page(s)’ contains «semicolon, colon, and» in «Author1; Author2, Author3 and text:text» which are not allowed in this field, please correct it.
If there are several authors entered they should all be separated by commas but not by “and”, like:
«John F. Smith, A. Johnson»   or:  
«John F. Smith, A. Johnson, S. Wang»

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