Tecia solanivora

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Tecia solanivora (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): James Hayden, FDACS Division of Plant Industry
Source: IPM Images

Tecia solanivora Povolný, 1973 - (Guatemalan potato tuber moth)

The moth is a pest of stored and fresh potatoes in Central - and northern parts of South America. It has been also reported from the Canary Islands. In the field, the females lay eggs at the base of potato plants, in storage directly on the tubers. The larvae tunnel into the potato tubers and yield losses can exceed 50% during outbreaks.

Mature larvae pupate in the ground or on the walls of storage facilities. One generation lasts about one month. Management involves mainly the application of pesticides. The adults are small with a wingspan of around or slightly above 10 mm and brown. The forewings of females have longitudinal stripes.

Scrobipalpopsis solanivora

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Große Kartoffel-Knollenmotte
• English: Guatemalan potato tuber moth
• Español: polilla guatemalteca de la papa