Systematic Entomology (2002)

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Articles of Systematic Entomology entered for 2002:

Systematic Entomology (2002) 27, 361-382
M.A.M. Sallum, T.R. Schultz, P.G. Foster, K. Aronstein, R.A. Wirtz and R.C. Wilkerson (2002)
Phylogeny of Anophelinae (Diptera: Culicidae) based on nuclear ribosomal and mitochondrial DNA sequences
Systematic Entomology 27 (3),  p. 361

Systematic Entomology (2002) 27, 409-435
John O. Stireman III (2002)
Phylogenetic relationships of tachinid flies in subfamily Exoristinae (Tachinidae: Diptera) based on 28S rDNA and elongation factor-1alpha
Systematic Entomology 27 (4),  p. 409