Studies in Mycology (2006) 55, 269-277

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Xudong Zhou, Z. Wilhelm de Beer and Michael J. Wingfield (2006)
DNA sequence comparisons of Ophiostoma spp., including Ophiostoma aurorae sp. nov., associated with pine bark beetles in South Africa
Studies in Mycology 55, 269-277
Abstract: Bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytinae) are well-recognized vectors of Ophiostoma species. Three non-native bark beetle species infest various Pinus species in South Africa, and they are known to carry at least 12 different species of ophiostomatoid fungi. Some of these fungi have not been identified to species level. The aim of this study was to determine or confirm the identities of Ophiostoma species associated with bark beetles in South Africa using comparisons of DNA sequence data. Identities of Ophiostoma ips, O. floccosum, O. pluriannulatum, O. quercus and O. stenoceras were confirmed. Ophiostoma abietinum, O. piliferum and Pesotum fragrans are recognised for the first time and the new species, O. aurorae sp. nov., is described from pine-infesting bark beetles in South Africa.
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Ophiostoma piceae Germany
Ophiostoma quercus Austria
Ophiostoma quercus France
Ophiostoma quercus South Africa
Ophiostoma stenoceras Norway
Ophiostoma stenoceras New Zealand
Ophiostoma stenoceras South Africa
Ophiostoma ips South Africa
Ophiostoma floccosum Sweden
Ophiostoma floccosum South Africa
Sporothrix dentifunda Hungary
Sporothrix dentifunda Poland
Ophiostoma nigrocarpum