Stenoma catenifer

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Stenoma catenifer - A + B) damage on avocado fruit, C-E) larvae, F) pupa, G) adult, H-I) male genitalia (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): ogelio E. Palacios Torres, Martín Ramírez Del Angel, Eliseo Uribe González, Dionicio F. Granados Escamilla, Jonathan E. Romero Castañeda & Jorge M. Valdez Carrasco
Source: Acta zoológica mexicana vol. 27 (2), p. 502

Stenoma catenifer Walsingham, 1912 - (avocado moth)

This moth is an important pest of avocado fruits in Central - and South America. It is invasive in some areas like the Galapagos Islands. Attacked fruits are unmarketable and may drop to the ground. The larvae bore into and feed on the developing avocado fruits and seeds. Infestation levels can exceed 50%. Fully grown larvae leave the fruits and pupate in the ground. The larvae are bluish gray and the adult moth is brownish with some black dots on the distal half of the forewings. The wingspan reaches almost 30 mm.

Vernacular names
• English: avocado moth
avocado seed moth
• Español: polilla de la semilla del aguacate
• Português: bicho-do-abacate