Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research (2013) 28, 358-362

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Mercedes Fernández, Julio Diez and M. Lourdes Moraza (2013)
Acarofauna associated with Ips sexdentatus in northwest Spain
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 28 (4), 358-362
Abstract: The acarofauna associated with Ips sexdentatus in León (NW Spain) was identified. Mites were collected directly from the bodies of the I. sexdentatus specimens and also from barks samples of Pinus pinaster including breeding galleries, with the aid of Berlese-Tullgren funnels. Ten taxa belonging to nine different families were collected; of these, eight species are first records for Spain. Three species may be of potential use in biological pest control: Dendrolaelaps quadrisetus, Ereynetes scutulis and Vulgarogamasus lyriformis. Moreover, Histiostoma ovalis may be an important vector of fungal spores.
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Ips sexdentatus Pine (Pinus) Spain (continental)