Plant Pathology (2022) 71, 621-633

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Christiane A. da Costa, Valdir Lourenço Jr, Michele F. Santiago, Josiene S. Veloso and Ailton Reis (2022)
Molecular phylogenetic, morphological, and pathogenic analyses reveal a single clonal population of Septoria lycopersici with a narrower host range in Brazil
Plant Pathology 71 (3), 621-633
Abstract: Septoria leaf spot, caused by Septoria lycopersici, is considered one of the most important diseases of tomato in Brazil. Despite its importance, the disease agent is still poorly studied. Septoria isolates collected from different production regions of Brazil were characterized by molecular, morphological, and pathogenic methods. A set of 104 isolates was sequenced for the DNA Tub, Cal, and EF1-α loci. Ten isolates were selected, according to geographical region of origin and type of leaf lesion (typical or atypical), for morphological characterization and for evaluation of aggressiveness on tomato cultivar Santa Clara. To evaluate the pathogen host range, cultivated and wild Solanaceae plants were inoculated with four selected isolates. The results showed that all isolates grouped with the type isolate of S. lycopersici in maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference trees. The isolates were morphologically similar. All isolates selected for pathogenicity testing on tomato were able to induce typical symptoms of the disease, but differed in their aggressiveness. A total of eight species of Solanaceae were also identified as potential alternative hosts for S. lycopersici. This information will provide a more accurate assessment of the risks involved with the introduction of new crops, especially of the genus Solanum, in areas where the species is already present. In addition, it will provide the basis for the establishment of more efficient methods in the management of Septoria leaf spot of tomatoes in natural conditions and in the different production systems.
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Septoria lycopersici Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Brazil (NE)