Plant Pathology (1997) 46, 366-372

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W.A. Smit, B.D. Wingfield and M.J. Wingfield (1997)
Vegetative incompatibility in Diaporthe ambigua
Plant Pathology 46 (3), 366-372
Abstract: Vegetative compatibility of strains of Diaporthe ambigua has not previously been examined. Single ascospore and single ascus strains, originating from individual apple, pear and plum rootstocks, were paired on freshly prepared oatmeal agar to determine if vegetative incompatibility could be detected in D. ambigua. Barrage reactions were evident as black lines along the zone of mycelial contact between expanding colonies (vegetative incompatibility reaction). Strains from cankers within an area were of numerous vegetative compatibility groups (VCGs). Strains from adjacent rootstocks usually differed in VCG. D. ambigua has the ability to outcross, and does so, despite its apparent homothallic nature. DsRNA-containing strains of D. ambigua developed a broad, clear zone when paired with a dsRNA-containing strain from a different VCG.
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Diaporthe ambigua Apple (Malus) South Africa
Diaporthe ambigua Pear (Pyrus) South Africa
Diaporthe ambigua Plum/prune (Prunus domestica) South Africa