Phytoprotection (2013)

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Articles of Phytoprotection entered for 2013:

Phytoprotection (2013) 93, 1-7
Allen G. Xue, John Rowsell, Keh Ming Ho, Yuanhong Chen, Dawn T. Chi, Ameur Manceur, Shuzhen Zhang and Changzhong Ren (2013)
Effect of harvest date on barley grain contamination with Fusarium spp. and deoxynivalenol in northeastern Ontario
Phytoprotection 93,  p. 1

Phytoprotection (2013) 93, 8-15
Zhong Qin, DanJuan Mao, GuoMing Quan, Jia-En Zhang, JunFang Xie and Antonio DiTommaso (2013)
Antioxidant response of the invasive herb Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. to different irradiance levels
Phytoprotection 93,  p. 8