Phytoparasitica (2001) 29, 37-45

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R. Tedeschi, M. Ciuffo, G. Mason, P. Roggero and L. Tavella (2001)
Transmissibility of four tospoviruses by a thelytokous population of Thrips tabaci from Liguria, northwestern Italy
Phytoparasitica 29 (1), 37-45
Abstract: Studies were carried out on a population of Thrips tabaci Lindeman (Thysanoptera: Thripi-dae) from Liguria to assess its sex-ratio and its ability to transmit four tospoviruses: tomato spotted wilt (TSWV), impatiens necrotic spot, tomato chlorotic spot and groundnut ringspot. The population was composed of females only (therefore thelytokous). The first instar larvae were allowed to acquire the virus for 48 h on infected leaves of datura, basil or pepper, and then reared on cucumber until emergence, which medially occurred 9.5 days after hatching. Transmission capacity was checked using two inoculation access periods (IAPs) of 48 h each on pepper leaf disks. T. tabaci was able to transmit TSWV isolate P105 with an efficiency of 16.7% and 4.4% in the first and second IAP, respectively, and TSWV isolate BR-01 with an efficiency of 2.0%. The onion thrips did not transmit the three other tospoviruses. During the IAPs, almost all adults fed on the leaf disks, producing evident silvery scars. The presence of tospovirus nucleocapsids in thrips was assayed by Triple Antibody Sandwich (TAS) and cocktail ELISA. Not all adults that had transmitted TSWV were positive in the tests, whereas some non-transmitter individuals proved positive. For each of the other tospoviruses, some thrips were positive in at least one test, although none was able to transmit the virus.
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