Phytobiomes Journal (2019)

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Articles of Phytobiomes Journal entered for 2019:

Phytobiomes Journal (2019) 3, 71-81
Patricia V. Pinheiro, Jennifer R. Wilson, Yi Xu, Yi Zheng, Ana Rita Rebelo, Somayeh Fattah-Hosseini, Angela Kruse, Rogerio Santos Dos Silva, Yimin Xu, Matthew Kramer, James Giovannoni, Zhangjun Fei, Stewart Gray and Michelle Heck (2019)
Plant viruses transmitted in two different modes produce differing effects on small RNA-mediated processes in their aphid vector
Phytobiomes Journal 3 (1),  p. 71

Phytobiomes Journal (2019) 3, 203-211
Elizabeth Cieniewicz, Madison Flasco, Melina Brunelli, Anuli Onwumelu, Alice Wise and Marc F. Fuchs (2019)
Differential spread of Grapevine red blotch virus in California and New York vineyards
Phytobiomes Journal 3 (3),  p. 203

Phytobiomes Journal (2019) 3, 235-243
A.G. McCoy, M.G. Roth, R. Shay, Z.A. Noel, M.A. Jayawardana, R.W. Longley, G. Bonito and M.I. Chilvers (2019)
Identification of fungal communities within the tar spot complex of corn in Michigan via next-generation sequencing
Phytobiomes Journal 3 (3),  p. 235