Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira (2010) 45, 442-449

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Raúl Alberto Laumann, Maria Carolina Blassioli Moraes, Joseane Padilha da Silva, Afrânio Márcio Corrêa Vieira, Samantha da Silveira and Miguel Borges (2010)
Egg parasitoid wasps as natural enemies of the neotropical stink bug Dichelops melacanthus
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira 45 (5), 442-449
Abstract: The objective of this work was to determine the potential of five species of Scelionidae wasps - Telenomus podisi, Trissolcus basalis, Trissolcus urichi, Trissolcus teretis and Trissolcus brochymenae - as natural enemies of the neotropical stink bug Dichelops melacanthus, and to determine if the presence of eggs of other stink bug species influences the parasitism and development of the parasitoids. Two kinds of experiments were done in laboratory: without choice of hosts (eggs of D. melacanthus) and with choice (eggs of D. melacanthus and of Euschistus heros). Biological parameters, including proportion of parasitism, immature survivorship, progeny sex ratio, immature stage development period, and host preference were recorded. All the evaluated parasitoids can parasitize and develop on D. melacanthus eggs. The first choice of eggs did not influence the proportion of D. melacanthus eggs parasitized by Tr. basalis, Tr. teretis or Tr. brochymenae. However, D. melacanthus eggs as the first choice of Te. podisi and Tr. urichi increased, respectively, 9 and 14 times the chance for parasitism on eggs of this species. Behavioral and ecological aspects of parasitoids should be considered prior to their use in biological control programs.
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Dichelops melacanthus
Trissolcus basalis (parasitoid) Dichelops melacanthus
Telenomus podisi (parasitoid) Dichelops melacanthus
Trissolcus teretis (parasitoid) Dichelops melacanthus
Trissolcus urichi (parasitoid) Dichelops melacanthus