Muscidae (plant/product pests)

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Atherigona orientalis
Author: Caroline Harding, MAF
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Muscidae (plant/product pests)

The Muscidae are the family of true flies with about 4000 species. It includes various important hygienic and medical pests in houses, stables, etc. (some are blood-sucking), see Muscidae (medical/veterinary pests). They are also often passive carriers of diseases. Some other species are predators feeding on other insects, see Muscidae (predators).

However, several species are plant pests which are covered on this page. For example, flies from the genus Atherigona infest sorghum and other crops. The family is characterized by the structure of the antennae and the wing venation.

The following genera and individual species are currently entered in the system: